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Hardwood Floor Detailing

Heaven's Best Hardwood Floor Detailing

Your hardwood floors get dirty. Simply dust mopping and vacuuming a hardwood floor is the best regular maintenance you can do. However, over the years a deep down cleaning may be necessary to keep the floor looking it’s best.  Heaven's Best Hardwood Floor Detailing

Our hardwood detailing process works wonders on any hardwood floor that still has a finish. We first remove the loose soil from the floor, then clean the floor with a specialized compact and powerful, hardwood floor cleaning system, with a custom-designed cylindrical brush that gets rid of the dirt without affecting the finish. The exclusive and powerful water containment vacuum system extracts the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving a dry floor immediately after use. Last, we’ll polish the floor to help bring back the shine and natural luster. Your floors will look great and feel great to walk on. This new process cleans any type of hardwood floor, even pre-finished, polyurethane sealed, and laminate floors. This is a cleaning and polishing process only and will not remove deep scratches or dents. If your floors show signs of damage, refinishing may be necessary.

One common concern shared with most hardwood floor owners is maintenance and upkeep and in attempt to keep the original shine to the hardwood some may purchase products such as Orange Glow or Murphy’s Oil Soap to help maintain the appearance which initially may look very appealing but over time and continual use a residue may build-up on the surface of the hardwood and leave a dull splotchy appearance (As seen below) which may need stripped from the surface before a deep cleaning can be provided.

Using our hardwood floor care system for periodic maintenance will help to avoid having a costly floor refinishing. Keep in mind that engineered floors cannot be refinished or can only be refinished once. Since they are layers of veneer over pressed board. This makes periodic, preventive maintenance all the more important.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning System Benefits:

  • Cylindrical brush specifically engineered to clean wood floors without damaging the finish.
  • Adjustable solution control valve for all types of wood flooring.
  • Exclusive water containment/vacuum system to leave floors completely dry.
  • Visual solution level gauge for accurate dilution of cleaning products.
  • Adjustable head pressure to accommodate any floor type.
  • Rear casters for superior maneuverability.
  • Offset brush for easy toe-kick and edge cleaning.

Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Detailing includes:

  • Firm estimate with no hidden charges
  • Firm, convenient, on-time appointments
  • Specially trained technicians
  • Backed by our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee
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